DKRZ machine
The supercomputer Mistral, located at the Deutsche Klimarechenzentrum (DKRZ) in Hamburg. Most of HD(CP)²'s model simulations are done here (photo: DKRZ).
Anvil Cloud
A typical anvil cloud - observed at the Narval-II field campaign (photo: MPI-M).
Ready for observations: view outside the cockpit on one of the Narval-II research flights (photo: MPI-M).
Sunset flight at the Narval-II field campaign (photo: MPI-M).
Some of the scientists who attended the Narval-II campaign (photo: MPI-M).
A first outcome of the Small Scale ICON Workshop - ICON simulations over a specially defined area with resolutions higher than 156m (figure: M. Brück).
Nawdex Radiosonde
Launch of a radiosonde at the Nawdex field campaign (photo: G. Craig).
HOPE campaign
Spatial distribution of the measurement sites and networks at the supersite Jülich during the HD(CP)² Observational Prototype Experiment (HOPE)
Overview on the supersite instrumentation during the HOPE campaign.