The HD(CP)² initiative is comprised of three modules: model developmentobservations, and exploitation & synthesis, spread over two three-year phases.

Funding during the first phase is concentrated on teams to develop the modelling and observational capability, with funding for the third module directed toward teams to explore and develop model analysis and diagnostic approaches. The goal of the first phase of the project is to develop a proof of concept, which would consist of prototype simulations over northwest Europe, principally Germany (away from the Alps). This domain is chosen because it contains a variety of interesting and important convective regimes, yet avoids initial complications with complex topography, but also because it is heavily instrumented. This dense observational network also allows us to evaluate the utility of, and better interpret, space-based remote sensors.

The second phase of the project will build on what was learned during the first phase, particularly with regard to the utility of space-based remote sensing, and will explore areas which climatologically may be more important to cloud feedbacks.

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Project Coordination

Dr. Wiebke Schubotz
Max Planck Institute for Meteorology
Bundesstraße 53
D-20146 Hamburg
Phone: +49 40 41173 125