How should I cite the project?

For publications that are generated within a project funded by the BMBF the following applies.

Das Projekt ist in allen Publikationen und Projektpräsentationen mit dem Hinweis zu versehen (nachdem auch der Name "HD(CP)² - High definition clouds and precipitation for advancing climate prediction" genannt wurde):
"Das Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF) fördert dieses Projekt als Forschung für Nachhaltige Entwicklung (FONA);''  und möglist mit dem zugehörigen Förderkennzeichen  zu benennen. Bei anderssprachigen Darstellungen ist dieser Hinweis in der entsprechenden Sprache mit einem zusätzlichen Hinweis darauf zu geben, dass das finanzierende Land Deutschland ist.

The project needs to be cited in all publications and project presentations as follows:
"This project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research within the framework programme "Research for Sustainable Development (FONA)",, under the number [insert Förderkennzeichen here]." Please also mention the full name of the project "HD(CP)² - High definition clouds and precipitation for advancing climate prediction" in the acknowledgements.


Observation, Model, Simulation, and Evaluation Expert Users? Who are those people?

Within HD(CP)² there are five so-called "expert users" who have an overview on different topics in the project. These five people are

The expert users meet once a month with the project coordinator to discuss ongoing issues and inform each other about what is going on in the different areas of the project. 

I have a question regarding the paperwork

The first try is to look into the "Zuwendungsbescheid" for your Förderkennzeichen or the attachments that go along with that ("Nebenbestimmungen zum Zuwendungsbescheid"). If your question persists, you should contact your repsonsible contact person at the DLR Projektträger.

For HD(CP)² the responsible persons are:

What is the HD(CP)² model?

The HD(CP)² model is called ICON-LEM (ICON Large-Eddy Model), which is modified version of the ICON-NWP branch. ICON-LEM was developed in the first phase of HD(CP)² and is constantly updated.

How do I get the ICON-LEM and which version should I use?

ICON-LEM can be obtained for HD(CP)² members via the ICON remote GIT repository. Starting with the second phase of HD(CP)² an independent icon branch was established: the ICON-LEM branch. Access will be granted by Opens window for sending emailMatthias Brück. Please write an email containing one sentence of what you are planning to do with the model.

The ICON-LEM branch (icon-hdcp2-20150930) is to be found Opens external link in new windowhere. This is the tagged model version of the first HD(CP)² phase that was used for all full-day simulations so far. This branch is also used for the current HD(CP)² DE simulations.

More information on the model is to be found in the Wiki and in the HD(CP)² Opens external link in new windowevaluation paper (Heinze et al., 1016).

How can I get the input data for running my own simulations?

We have prepared a test data set under /work/bm0834/icon_lem. Note, you need access to Mistral for this. The corresponding information is in the Opens external link in new windowWiki.