What is the HD(CP)² model?

The HD(CP)² model is called ICON-LEM (ICON Large-Eddy Model), which is modified version of the ICON-NWP branch. ICON-LEM was developed in the first phase of HD(CP)² and is constantly updated.

I'm confused what is ICON-HiRes, ICON-LES, ICON-HD(CP)²?

During the first phase of the project the naming of ICON-LEM was not clear, therefore there are these different model names. Starting with the second phase of HD(CP)², the large-eddy version of ICON should be named ICON-LEM.

How to get the ICON-LEM?

ICON-LEM can be obtained for HD(CP)² members via the ICON remote repository. Currently SVN is used. In the second half of 2016 the repository will migrate to GIT. Starting with the second phase of HD(CP)² an independent icon branch was established: the ICON-LEM branch. Access will be granted by Opens window for sending emailMatthias Brück. Please write an email containing:

  • One sentence of what you are planning to do with the model.
  • Username of your SVN account.
  • If you have no SVN account please add you full name, institution, phone and email.

Which version of ICON-LEM should I use?

Currently there are 2 main versions in the ICON-LEM branch: https://code.zmaw.de/projects/icon/repository/show/branches/icon-lem.

  • icon-hdcp2-20150930

This is the tagged model version of the first HDCP2 phase, which was used for all simulation days so far (the HD(CP)2 evaluation paper is based on that). This branch is currently used for all HDCP2-DE simulations.

  • icon-lem-dev

This version is based on the icon-nwp-2.0.15 tag https://code.zmaw.de/projects/icon/wiki/Icon-2015_release_notesThis branch is used for the Tropical Atlantic setup.

Where to get more infos about ICON-LEM?

Check out the Wiki or see the HD(CP)² evaluation paper (Heinze et al., 1016).

How can I get the input data for running my own simulations?

We are currently working on a test dataset. The link will appear here.