"I am a post-doc involved in the S- and O- groups. My focus is on detecting convective organizations in radar reflectivities for comparison with the HD(CP)² model and satellite measurements." I. Pscheidt, University of Bonn


"I'm working on an overarching evaluation of the ICON LES. Furthermore I'm using forward operators to create a virtual CloudNet supersite." A. Hansen, University of Hamburg


"With the use of satellite data I analyse the spatial and temporal variability of cloud parameters, their relationship to meteorological and aerosol parameters and compare these to model output. In the observation team I work on the expansion of the HD(CP)² database regarding satellite data." C.  Henken, FUB


"I work with data from the supersite observations to retrieve aerosol profiles and a mixed-phase cloud data set. I want to investigate the aerosol effect on clouds on a statistical basis from the supersite observations." H. Baars, TROPOS


"The scientific coordination of the data archive and the webportal is my daily work. Furthermore we try to expand the data archive within the second phase of HD(CP)²." A. Lammert, University of Hamburg


"In HD(CP)² I coordinate the evaluation activities of the different S-projects. Additionally, I work on the evaluation of the precipitation-evaporation parametrization from supersite observations." A. Foth, University of Leipzig


"My work in the HD(CP)² project focuses on the development of the HD(CP)² data archive for observational data. A special feature will be the implementation of a shopping-cart function that can be used for dowloadiing the data with a wget command. Moreover, the internal processing of the XML meta data as well as the exchange between this meta database and other data bases via OAI servers will be completed." M. Bornemann, University of Hamburg


"My scientific focus is on the lifecycle and organization of convective clouds. To increase the understanding of underlying processes, I combine ICON simulations with Meteosat observations." F. Senf, TROPOS

"Using data from the supersites, I work on advancing a synergy retrieval based on observations of microwave radiometer, lidar, and radar. With the retrieval, I will derive consistent profiles of temperature, humidity, and cloud properties." S. Schnitt, FZ-Jülich

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