HD(CP)² is a BMBF funded German-wide research initiative to improve our understanding of cloud and precipitation processes and their implication for climate prediction.

HD(CP)2 will strive to build and use a model capable of very high-resolution simulations. This model will be run as short hindcasts over a few days, to advance the parameterization of clouds and precipitation, and to reduce uncertainty in climate projections related to these quantities. High resolution, which in the present context means horizontal grid spacings of 100 m (and vertical grid spacings considerably finer) over domains of 1000km, offers the possibility to leap over the so-called grey-zone encompassing most of the scales of parameterized physics. This approach is more fundamental to the simulation of clouds and precipitation, and offers a semi-empirical basis for advancing parameterization development.

The second key aspect of HD(CP)2 is to use, organize and improve ground, in situ and satellite based observations of cloud and precipitation events on a scale that was not possible before. To do this there will be a massive measurement campaign (HD(CP)2 Observational Prototype Experiment, HOPE) and a multitude of efforts to harmonize, publish and analyse the variety of existing measurement systems.

The third pillar of HD(CP)2 is to understand, synthesize and combine the results from modelling and observations to evaluate, modify and improve existing climate models.

Upcoming Meetings

2014-02-26/27/28 Project Meeting

Contact person Florian Rauser